Pressed Garlic Chopper

Pressed Garlic Chopper

With this Pressed Garlic Chopper, you can prepare ingredients quickly and save time and effort.✨


【High Quality Material】The hand-pressed stainless steel kitchen crusher is made of high-quality ABS、PS and stainless steel material, which is not easy to rust, impact-resistant, wear-resistant, and strong and durable.

【Exquisite Blade】304 stainless steel blade, sharp edge, not easy to deform, multi-blade cutting at the same time, durable.

【Exquisite Craftsmanship】The garlic masher has been treated with electroplating, and the appearance is smooth and bright, which can effectively prevent stains and is easy to clean.

【High Working Efficiency】This masher can help you prepare ingredients quickly, saving time and effort.

【Multi-Functions】Suitable for mincing garlic, slicing peppers and onions, and handling a variety of ingredients.

Rolling Garlic Peeler(free)

Our Rolling Garlic Peeler can do the job quickly and without messes. Simply insert garlic cloves or shallots into the peeler and roll it against the countertop. The round bump tunnel increases friction for faster peeling. Everything will be ready when the peel stops cracking, leaving perfectly peeled garlic and shallot ready to be sliced, crushed or minced. No smells on finger and cutting board, no mess at all! Premium, pure silicone is completely food-safe, BPA-free and dishwasher safe.


Ingeniously Simple & Effective Design – Tunnel with round bumps increase friction, peel faster than other similar products.

Quickly Peel Cloves – Without crushing and sticking on fingers. Peeler tube can peel multiple cloves at once Completely Mess-free – Simply roll to peel, residues remain in the tube, totally mess-free Food-safe, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe No Smell on fingers and cutting board


Pressed Garlic Chopper

Material: stainless steel

Color: as shown in the picture



Rolling Garlic Peeler

Type: Kitchen Gadgets

Material: Silicone

Color: Blue/ Green/pink


1 x /2 x/4 xPressed Garlic Chopper

1 x Rolling Garlic Peeler(free)