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Prince Kwame Twumasi


Hello Family
Thanks for stopping here at BuySellClub.org, I created this community of entrepreneurs ! Because I know starting up is freaking hard! But it is a unique process that can only be truly understood by going through it – sadly your personal relationships will struggle to understand this, and your professional colleagues may not be as supportive as you would like.

Having someone who has been through the journey to guide you, hold you accountable but most importantly just someone that you can openly chat to is the most valuable investment one can make in themselves for this journey.
I offer mentorship in a wide variety of topics. I am happy to help if you are looking to start and run your business, if you want to learn more about product management, running your own bootstrapped business then please don’t hesitate to checkout some of my courses on this platform.

Some information About Me.


  • Western Sydney University (2010 to 2015)
  • Master of Information and Communications Technology
  • BSc. of Computing (Health and Informatics)
  • Certified Apple Service Technician 2016

Work experience.

1) 8 Years - Managing an Apple Care Project outsourced to (CEVA and DHL) for Australia and New Zealand

2) 2 Years - The Kitchen Group (Chatswood NSW)
Kitchen 3D Kitchen Designer & Consultant for top retail companies in Australia
-- Freedom
-- Harvey Norman
-- The Good Guys

3) 2 Years - Masters Home Improvements
Kitchen 3D Kitchen Designer & and Sales Consultant

4) 7 Yaers - McDonalds Australia as a crew trainer.

My Startup Companies
- SBOA – Small Business Owners Australia PTY LTD (Australia)
- Prince Digital and Retail Services (Australia)
- Fofoofo Group PTY LTD (Ghana)
- And other various online platforms.

If you work with me, here is what you can expect:

1) My honest feedback: I feel I should share honest feedback about everything you tell me. I am not here to be your buddy. I am here to help your clarify your ideas, thoughts, plans and get you back on track. I'll share all I can, and you decide what to take away.

2) I try to understand who you are: this is key. I feel most of my sessions have 25% of the time spent in just listening to understand you the founder. What makes you excited about a project, where are you weak, what are you stressed or down about it. Emotional balance is key for any founder. Startup life is not easy (as you know by now).

3) I suggest, I have experience growing companies from the ground up. I've grown sales and service operational teams. I've managed functional teams as large as 100 from different backgrounds. I've grinded and worked closely to understand customers. I've worked tremendously to understand the customer's pain, find a market-fit. I'd like to share these learnings with you.

Few highlights of my background:

1) I have 14+ years of experience working in the corporate environment withing various industries. And starting and running my own businesses.

2) I’ve worked with and lead cross-functional teams in Australia and Ghana

3) I also have extensive knowledge in the following marketing channels, importations and exportations, social media marketing, running SAAS businesses.

Can't wait to hear from you.



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