LumbarMate Orthopedic Lumbar Support Belt with Magnets

LumbarMate Orthopedic Lumbar Support Belt with Magnets

Relief Lower Back Pain with Steel Supports and Heat Therapy

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LumbarMate™ is a 360 degree wrap around belt designed to provide compression for the lower back. It relieves lower back pain and improves stability with specially contoured lumbosacral steel and flexible support plates. These plates are removable and can be slotted into a back pocket built into the belt.

Lumbarmate comes with both steel and plastic support plates that are removable.


LumbarMate™ relieves lower back pain caused by

Bulging or herniated discs



Strains and sprains


Piriformis syndrome

Loose ligaments

Degenerative Disc Disease

And many other conditions

Lumbarmate is recommended by chiropractors in relieving back pain.