Baby Carrier Kangaroo Shirt

Baby Carrier Kangaroo Shirt

PROMOTE ACTIVE BONDING: This is a revolutionary skin-to-skin bonding shirt for father&mother&child.

BUILT FOR COMFORT: These high-quality, easy to wear shirts are the most comfortable baby wraps/t-shirts on the market!

HIGH-QUALITY & SAFE MATERIALS: This Kangaroo Care bonding shirt is made with quality imported fabrics.

STYLISH & ERGONOMIC: Each shirt is made to fit comfortably, feel lightweight and look great at home or in the hospital!

BONDING SCIENTIFICALLY NECESSARY! Skin to skin contact helps stabilize heart rate, crying & improve breathing patterns.

Product Specifications

Material: Cotton

Size: S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL

Weight: 140g-240g

Color: Black/Gray