Adjustable Faucet

Adjustable Faucet

It has 3 kinds of water outlet modes to switch and can increase water pressure.


Has 3 kinds of water outlet modes to switch and it can increase water pressure.

Made of stainless steel alloy, which is durable and will not oxidize or rust.

You can change the water outlet mode and increase the water pressure by pressing the button.

Suitable for pull-out and fixed taps.

The increased water pressure makes washing easier.

Easy to install and use.

Waterblade: double/single waterblade for extra pressure


Material: stainless steel alloy Size:130*52*89mm

Type: Double waterblade (for pull-down faucet), double waterblade (for ordinary faucet), single waterblade (for pull-out faucet), single waterblade (for ordinary faucet)


1 x Universal Pressure Tap Nozzle